“In the past, Native women knew how to take care of themselves, but now doctors introduced so many medicines that our bodies have changed.”

In most indigenous traditions, there is an intrinsic connection between the human body and the natural world around us. Many modern scientists discovered that all organisms and the inorganic surroundings on Earth are closely integrated to form a single and complex self-regulating system, which maintain the conditions for life on the planet.
Building on those ideas, when a human being destroys his natural surroundings his own body is profoundly affected. With the frenetic pace of our western consumption, Mother Earth is disappearing faster than we can handle. This essay is a journey deep into the Colombian Amazonia. It is an encounter with elder women who share their thoughts.
—Yesenia Pulido

“Our ancestors have been murdered. We are survivors, orphans, this is why we don’t know who we fundamentally are.”
“I speak from my own experience.”
“All the work that we do to Mother Earth is rewarded.”
“I am worried, people don’t like to cultivate.”
“Now it is easier for illness to enter our bodies, the problem is that those medicines don’t cure, they're just relievers.”
“In the jungle we live better than in the city, here we feel the earth. Why? Because the earth helps us in the same way that we help a child. The earth gives us strength; this is why we call it Mother Earth.”
“At this time not many women work hard enough.”
“It is necessary to use traditional medicine and reduce the consumption of western medicines.”
“Mother Earth feeds us.”
“The new generation looks for money to buy shoes, watches, hair elastics and that is what is going to be left. ”
“We can’t abuse our mother; we depend on her.”
“We need to find a common interest in order to not destroy ourselves.”
“Maloca is a house, where advice is given and where knowledge is shared. We learn about respect and respect for the elders.”
“There are no secrets. Without Mother Earth, we are nothing.”

Additional information

This series featured in the collective exhibition “Terra Cognita” questioning mans relationship with nature, at the 19th Noorderlicht International Photofestival (NL) in 2012.
catalog | Noorderlicht International Photofestival

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