Visual Storyteller & Producer


Hi there, I’m Matthieu Rytz. I’m a filmmaker, curator and trained visual anthropologist who’s originally from Switzerland, living in Montreal and a proud citizen of the world.

My dual passions for photography and ethnology have brought me to travel to some remote corners of the planet, whether deep in the Amazonian jungle or in the sun-bleached Mauritanian desert, always with the aim of capturing cultural diversity. I strive to bear witness to complex human stories and focus especially on the relationship between Man and Nature. I’m specialized in visual scenography and photographic installations, and currently at work on multidisciplinary and virtual reality projects – whatever best serves the story.

I’m the founding president of ARKAR, a company that puts on the World Press Photo Montréal event annually, and I also founded AnthropoGraphia, which is committed to promoting human rights around the world through visual storytelling.

In 2012, on a trip from Panama to Colombia, I discovered an archipelago of more than 375 islands known as the Kuna Yala. For the first time, I was confronted to a people whose land was set to disappear because of sea-level rise. Then and there, I made the decision to fly off to the Republic of Kiribati, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, where the consequences of climate change are being felt even more dramatically. Making the feature film Anote’s Ark has allowed me to shake off feelings of anger and powerlessness by getting to know Kiribati’s many wise and humble citizens. I feel honored and entrusted with a great sense of responsibility to disseminate this nation’s story, struggle and dignity, before it’s wiped off the map…

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